About Us

 Hi, I'm Carla.

I was born in Orlando, Florida and moved to my small beach town paradise in 1979.
My love for the ocean was immediate and living across the street off A1A was a blessing. I furthered my relationship with the Atlantic when I started surfing at 11. Surfing and the beach now inspire my every moment to work hard and do good things with my life.  

The first shirt I created was  "Please don't make me cross the Bridge!" in 2014. I posted a picture of myself to instagram and by the end of the day had almost 20 shirt orders. 

The shirt that started it all :)

Now several years later I am taking the next step and attempting to go bigger. 
A1A is my favorite road. I'd travel it "all day" rather than "cross the bridge." So while being inspired by the universe, I created "A1A All Day" and am now ready to share my stoke with all my Florida lovers. 

Art by Me 
Carla Michelle

 Photos by: MIT Photography 

So thank you for taking a moment and being here. We are all in this together. 


What does "Please don't make me cross the Bridge" mean?
It's a slow lifestyle living in Flagler Beach. Once you cross the "bridge" you want to turn everything off and just be. So for me it's a keep it simple mentality that I am expressing.
The great part is hearing so many other people's interpretations, as I find the saying happens across the US and beyond. So whether it's physical or mental, there are just some bridges we don't want to cross. 

This phrase is currently in the trademark process.

Want more... check out my view www.flaglersurf.com/webcam. It's awesome.