About Us

 Hi, I'm Carla... 
the creator of "Please don't make me cross the Bridge" gear and accessories.

I was born in Orlando, Florida but have been fortunate to live in a small, casual beach town for most my life. Through the years I have become quite accustomed to a "keep it simple" lifestyle and was being silly when I made the original "please don't make me cross the bridge" t-shirt. I quickly realized I was not the only one who felt that way after an Instagram selfie post in 2014.  Receiving several t-shirt requests, I started making shirts in my garage and began selling them to friends and local gift shops. That quickly grew into opening up my own store and designing more shirts. Through the years I have now connected with many wonderful people, learning about bridges everywhere and sharing stories of how the older I get the more nervous I get crossing them! 
Following advice from friends and customers we have embarked upon the trademark process and the real adventure is beginning.

 So "Thank You" to everyone who is joining the team and following our journey, we appreciate your support!
"We like to build bridges, we just don't like crossing them."

The shirt that started it all :)


What does "Please don't make me cross the Bridge" mean?
For me...it's a slower lifestyle living in Flagler Beach. Once you cross the "bridge" you want to turn everything off and just BE. 
The great part is hearing so many other people's interpretations, as I find the saying happens across the US and beyond. So whether it's physical or mental, there are just some bridges we don't want to cross. 

Want more... check out my view www.flaglersurf.com/webcam. It's awesome.